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After living in Israel for three years I embarked upon building a house in Shilo. Below are some of the words I found useful to know in order to understand what was happening around me. I believe that knowing these words can aid in your understanding, but presenting them in no way implies that building a house in Israel can be a do-it-yourself activity for the oleh. You will likely require considerable help, no matter how much Hebrew you know.

English עברית
Supervision פיקוח
Development פיתוח
1)safe 2)Insurance ביטוח
Serving (noun) הגשה
Planning תכנון
long/short ארוך/קצר
wide/narrow רחב/צר
thickness עובי
depth עומק
level/sloping שטוח/מדרוני
pretty/ugly יפה/מכוער
darker-colored/lighter-colored כהה/בהיר
grout רובה

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