Shira and Greg's Wedding

Greg and Shira

Enjoy the video clips

Chattan's Tisch Dvar Torah, Rabbi Danny Schultz - 3 min Signing the Ketubah - 3 min The Bedekin - 3 min Procession to the Chupah - 9 min Under the Chupah, Rabbi Benjamin Samuels Presiding - 10 min Greg and Shira enter the hall for dancing and dinner - 4 min Family Members enjoying the celebration - 1 min Just Married, already going up in the world - 1 min Dancing Before the Bride - 3 min Beauty, Brains, and eats fire - 1 min Shira dancing with her grandma, aunt, and mother-in-law - 1 min Women dancing during the reception - 2 min BaRock Orchestra, This Band Rocks - 1 min Shira's Dad's Toast and Dvar Torah - 11 min

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Updated 4 Apr, 2017

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