Was he right all along?

by Mark Schoenberg

A most amazing thing happened in the year 2004 about which there has been very little comment.

During 2004, in response to Ariel Sharon's unilateral Gaza withdrawal plan, the United States, England, the United Nations, Russia, France, and a host of other countries, all agreed that population transfer was a useful tool for solving the conflict between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East.

Although they were talking about the population transfer of Jews (from their homes in Gaza), this idea, that population transfer was good, must have come as quite a revelation to those who for years had been castigating as racist and inhumane, Rabbi Meir Kahane's idea for solving the Arab-Jewish conflict through the transfer of Arabs out of Israel.

Surely no one believes the world is saying it is OK to transfer Jews, but not other people, to solve the Middle East conflict.

Updated Sep 20, 2007

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