A Glossary of Terms Used in Discussing Middle East Peace

The failure to achieve peace in the Middle East is in part due to the parties involved, but also, in no small measure, due to the inability of the alleged peace seekers to agree upon and understand the words used during the pursuit of peace. Some of these words are discussed below:

A workable, realistic peace plan: This expression has been reserved for the so called "Land For Peace" or "Two States For Two Peoples" plan. I won't go into the details of this plan. I only point out that this so-called workable, realistic plan has not achieved it's goal, despite being pursued for 18 years. That kind of makes you wonder what people mean when they say this is the only viable peace plan.

An unworkable, unrealistic peace plan: Any plan other than the one mentioned above. Is it too bold to suggest that the failure to achieve peace between Israel and it's Arab nations following the so-called workable peace plan might be due to a failure to pursue other, better plans?

Radical Arab state: An Arab state that wishes to destroy all non-Islamic states, especially the United States.

Moderate Arab state: An Arab state that wishes to destroy only Israel. Failure to appreciate this definition has led the Israeli government to take many steps not in its best interest in order to help joint efforts aimed at helping the moderates battle the radicals.

Palestinian rights: Who in this era of Universal Rights could not be in favor of Palestinian rights? The problem is, in talking about Palestinian rights, we are not talking about Ben Franklin's rights of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". Palestinian rights apparently refers to the right of Muslims to control every inch of land they ever controlled since the start of their religion roughly 1500 years ago.

Updated May 31, 2010

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