The idea for this page probably germinated the time that I jumped into a Jerusalem taxi and said אני רוצה תחנה מרכזית זקנה. When the cab driver stopped laughing, he took me to the תחנה מרכזית ישנה.

Plus, I know the word for "dry" from wine, and it's high time I stopped saying things in Hebrew like, "After it rains, it is not dry", simply because I haven't yet learned the word for wet.

I hope this list of antonyms will be as useful to other olim trying to learn Hebrew as they were for me. But be warned, this was written by an oleh, who three years ago didn't speak a word of Hebrew, so there may very well be mistakes.

Now, during the second decade of my aliyah, I slowly am adding nikudot to the tables and still finding things that need correction.


English עברית
large/small גׇדול/קׇטׇן
old/young זׇקֵן/צׇעִיר
old/new יׇשׇן/חׇדׇש
high/low גׇבוהַ/נׇמוךְ
tall/short גׇבוהַ/נׇמוךְ
long/short אׇרוךְ/קׇצׇר
wide/narrow רָחָב/צַר
dry/wet יָבֵש/רָטוֹב
happy/sad שֹמֵחַ/עָצוּב
close/far קָרוֹב/רָחוֹק


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