The translations here are meant to be helpful in translating Tanach and Tefilla. They probably are not accurate enough for translating a botany text.


English עברית
large domestic animal (cows, sheep) בְּהֵמַה
bull (male cow) פַּר
heifer (female cow) פָּרָה
ram (male sheep) כֶּבֶשׂ
ewe (female sheep) כִּבשַׂה
a deer אַייָל, צְבִי
buck or ram (male deer) אַיִיל
doe (female deer) אַייָלה
male goat שָׂעִיר
horse סוּס
donkey חַמוּר
male dog כֶּלֶב
female dog כַּלבָּה


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